Sunday, 31 August 2008

St. Mary's and Aggie: Day 4

Treating ourselves to a half lay-in, Howe and Menzie slept in till 9 am!! Before catching a boat over to St. Agnes. I was walking with a chap called John while Steve spoke to this guy with his family. Heading accidentally in seperate ways. John and myself got the juv Red-backed Shrike no problem. Then going to find the others round by Big Pool where i noted a Wryneck flying up from the beach near Big Pool towards the 'fruit cage' area.

Trekking back round to Castella Down to show the others the Shrike, it had disappeared but soon put in another appearance. Steve found another Wryneck in the area before it flew off strongly, then another flew out the bushes 10 minutes later, and again disppeared. However no sign of any Melodious Warblers.

I'm not even going to try and edit some of my pics of this bird, Steve's were clearly better © Stephen Menzie

Back on St. Mary's we were convinced there must be something around the Garrison like a Wryneck, not that we had any luck finding one, but Pied Flys were still about.

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