Friday, 1 August 2008

Titchfield Haven & Langstone Haven

Lee and I got down to Titchfield Haven just prior to opening, hoping to connect with a Roseate Tern and perhaps some Black. There was very little in terms of Terns about the area today, though in recent days a few hundred had been gathering off shore and infront of the Meon Shore Hide. A few Arctic Terns flew through early on, but nothing else until we heard of the Northern Bottlenosed Whale that had beached itself in Langstone Harbour.

A small selection of the Northern Bottlenosed Whale, but i dont understand why they're trying to save it when its going to die? © Ashley Howe

Popping back into Titchfield Haven before heading home, to see whether there was a change in the number of Terns gathering. Which there there was less!! Bollocks!

I hate Titchfield Haven for photographs....makes the birds go weird....theres a Coot that thinks it can walk up-straight and a Common Sandpiper trying to eat its own reflection © Ashley Howe

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