Friday, 29 August 2008

St. Mary's: Day 2

Having been mocked for being caught asleep on benches in Porthcressa Bay, we decided to get up early, beat the typical teenager stereotype of being lazy buggers and actually get out and find something. Spotted and Pied Flys were the best we could muster up around the Garrison.

Steve's favourite, this Sparrow had the biggest tick ever, we tried catching it, so we could it off its head, our little traps didn't really very far and were knocked over in the wind © Ashley Howe

After breakfast we walked the whole way around St. Mary's, with a stunning list featuring Wood Pigeon, Greenfinch, Goldfinch and Linnets, with a wide range of visible migration with about 6 Wheatears. I had to take a breath once i had counted such a record breaking number.

I wonder if there is any healthy looking birds anywhere on Scilly? © Stephen Menzie

Our efforts of proving ourselves as hardcore birders were smashed when we were caught again asleep on the beach at Porth Hellick, this time by Ashley Fisher. Dammit!

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