Thursday, 28 August 2008

Marazion Marshes and the Isles of Scilly

Driving down through the night...and catching a glimpse of this massive stocky cat, walking besides the road in the Dartmoor area, was quickly identified as a potential Puma...well by me, Stephen thought it was a bear ha ha...we'll let him off though, bless him, he was driving after all.
A few hours kip in the car, then we went looking for an Aquatic Warbler at Marazion, as expected no sign, but at first light, an Otter coming out of the reeds and staring us in the face, before making a quick exit, was yet another good mammel tick for myself.

This beast kept coming down scaring Steve's beloved Sparrows, bless him, he was so fascinated with them, especially those with ticks on their heads © Ashley Howe

The Scillonian started to sort things out and turnt things back into a birding trip, Sooty, Balearic and Manx all noted. A Basking Shark was yet another tick for us both. On arrival we set up the tent, and went down for our first pelagic.

This Sparrow managed to avoid the ticks..unlike someone else i know earlier in the year ha ha © Ashley Howe

Not a very productive pelagic, with very little seabirds about presumable because there was nearly no wind. A count of about 30-40 Stormies, but yet a surprise when a Wilson's was called out by Higgo. A bird at mid-range giving enough to tell it was larger, the above wing-bar, the white in the rump reaching further round, and also in moult. A Common Dolphin swam parallel with the Boat, and a fascinating thing with the glowing Plankton.

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