Saturday, 30 August 2008

St. Mary's: Day 3

Up early again, more Pied and Spotted Flys around the Garrison, this time with the addition of a few Blackcaps, a Reed Warbler, but nothing ground breaking, abit of a lazy day to be honest, sticking around the Garrison.

Till the evening where our second pelagic took place. Even flatter than yesterday, no winds, and apparantly a good night for cetaceans (as in Dolphins).

Reaching just 1.3 miles out, Ashley Fisher and Ross Newham spotted a big whale sp. Surfacing, then quickly diving. Immediately thought to be a Humpback Whale, we followed this already stunning beast, till the I.D. was confirmed for about 45 minutes. Totally guessing its next appearance was hard. Sometimes we were close, sometimes abit out. But once the 50-ish foot Whale surfaced literally meters away from the 40-ish foot boat and disappearing under straight away. I remember clearly the skipper shouting out the window "ooooo, i think we've pissed it off now!", and in the time, the Whale fully breached literally meters infront us.

Humpback Whale surfacing, then diving. fully showing its its fluke © Ashley Howe

Possibly the most amazing thing i have ever seen, definately as good as seeing any 'Mega' which being the first for the Scillies, a 'Mega' in its own right. The rest of the Pelagic didn't matter, but more Common Dolphins, Bonxie, Black Terns, Manx and Sooty Shearwaters and fewer Stormies again. A couple of Blue Sharks were firsts for myself as well.

A stunning out of focus shot of a Sooty Shearwater © Ashley Howe

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