Monday, 4 August 2008

Chew Valley Lake

I finally gave into the Yank Herring Gull in Somerset, with a Fudge Duck there as well, it could potentially be a fairly good trip. The Gull hadn't been reported for a few days now, but thats presumably because everybody else in the country had seen it, in the time we took to decide. I went with Lee Fuller and arrived roughly mid-morning. No sign of the Gull.

Mute Swans are easy targets for crap photographers like myself, but Pochards rarely come that close, this one was no exception © Ashley Howe

So went round to Heron's Green Bay where it didn't take long to pick up on the Ferruginous Duck. At range however. We drove closer, but some how the bird had disappeared into thin air. We gave up shortly after that looking for it. So went back round to Herriot's Bridge to look for the Gull again. Via the cafe, which i highly recommend visiting guys!!! There is one stunning girl serving there!!!

A Pied Wagtail on the foreshore of Heron's Green Bay, it did have to legs! © Ashley Howe

But anywhooo, we waited for hours around Herriot's Bridge with nothing more than a Yellow-legged Gull. We left late afternoon after paying the cafe another visit (Lee insisted on a cuppa - sad twat ha ha). Before going back and relocating the Ferruginous Duck for others.

A rather distant Fudger © Ashley Howe

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