Monday, 18 August 2008

Chapel St. Leonard

Driving lessons first thing this morning...worried constantly about that bloody Audouin's coming up while im try to parallel park or sumit, then telling my instructor ive gotta get home...thankfully it waited til i had finished before it decided to show itself.

Straight on the 'dog and bone' to Fuller, and we were whizzing up the motorways. The roads were terrible...constant traffic up the M3...congestion on the M1 (as always)...A1(M) diversions...M11 it was..meaning we would have to cut back across the long way...

it took 5 1/2 hours to get there o_0 not good!! And this is where things began to get very bad indeed. The bird was reported to fly off minutes before we got there...a brief seawatch got us a Black Tern...before deciding we would check out other stretches of the beach..heading back to the car... i hear an almighty crunch...oh FUCK!! its my camera and lens on the deck in pieces.

Somehow..i cant explain it, my back had opening and it had fallen out onto the concrete, typical we had just come of the grass too. Well i was in a mood from there. No sign of the Gull...4 Arctic Skuas north - well worth the effort!!

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