Monday, 1 September 2008

Tresco and St. Mary's: Day 5

We woke to terrible weather, and a mess that suggested we had been invaded by Rats. My beloved digestives had nearly all gone and the rest were half nibbled :'(

Ideally we wanted to get to Bryer but no boats were going this morning, randomly i made the decision that we were both going to Tresco, dont ask me why. But as expected we saw diddly squat. a dozen or so Greenshank on the Great Pool, a Pied Fly in the Abbey Gardens and cracking Golden Pheasant...obviously dont count for jack....

Still, clearly one of the best looking birds there is © Ashley Howe

The boat across was a very wet and windy one, but Petrels had gathered between the islands to feed as presumably it was a tad more sheltered than battling the real elements of the open Atlantic.

On St. Mary's a dash up to airfield got us a juvenile Dotterel on the 8th fairway. A wet looking bird, but it did show well, and views and pictures would have been better, if our optics weren't totally soaked. Fish and chips ended a miserable day on a fair note.

Juvenile Dotterel on the 8th fairway, ashame the weather was so bad © Ashley Howe

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