Wednesday, 3 September 2008

West Cornwall, Dawlish, and Portland: Day 7

First light, revealed no Melodious Warbler in 1.5 hours. But a Wryneck was seen briefly at Land's End while Steve had a Gropper knocking around the car park in brambles. A Chough was at an undisclosed site within Cornwall.
Up at Dawlish Warren, the Semipalmated Sandpiper was picked up on the Bight easily amongst masses of Sanderling and Dunlin. A Wryneck was in the area, but having seen 4 in as many days, we couldnt be assed to stop and wait for it to put in an appearance. A brief search around Bowling Green Marsh didn't get the Marsh Sand, which hadn't been seen since the day it was found.

A decent shot of the Semi-palmated Sandpiper feeding out on The Bight considering the distance © Stephen Menzie

Continuing to head East, we got to Portland in time see the Tawny Pipit briefly. A late night watching some half-witts play scrabble at the Obs was far from amusing before we could fianlly get some sleep on the couches.

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