Saturday, 27 September 2008

Mainland, Shetland; Day 1

Beginning the holiday, seemed abit chaos. My alarm didn't go off till Dan phoned me to say he was outside. Roadworks meant we had to take on the mother of all diversions and we were abit late getting to Garry's house. But still managed to get to Heathrow on time. Our flight to Aberdeen was easy. But cock-ups with check-in the other end meant me and Dan had to stay and wait for the next plane. Garry, Liz and John got the all clear. Typical, the only ones who dont need a Western Bonelli's Warbler.

Eventually we got on a plane to Shetland, surprised to see the sun still fairly high in the sky, we ordered Garry to get back in the car up North. Where on arrival the bird was at the back of a sycamore. But then coming very close to abit of scrub infront.

A cracking Fish and Chips in Lerwick, possibly the best i have ever had ever! And we went back to the Beach House where we were staying, and then to the Dolphin Inn for a few pints. Gotta get the holiday going the right direction, right from the start.

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