Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mainland Shetland; Day 4

There was nothing around the Hoswick and seemed to be a clearout. I followed a Finch fock for some time to photograph the Twite. After that we headed straight to Kergord plantations. Around Kergord House we had 2+ Yellow-browed Warblers, 5+ Pied Flys, 5+ Blackcaps. A Redpoll Sp, 2 Crossbill (1 male) and a Lesser Whitethroat. A Buzzard flew out of the 2nd plantation behind, and a possible Brred Warbler briefly.

Eventually got close enough for some decent shots (c) Ashley Howe

Over towards the farm there was a Grey Wagtail, more Pied Fly, Blackcapetc. And a Barred Warbler which showed very well feeding in the sycamores.

Although always looking up at this Barred Warbler, it remained out in the open for ages feeding, some other shots show it, flicking off the Aphids (c) Ashley Howe

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