Sunday, 25 May 2008

Westleton Heath

Well this was quite an amusing trip! (10/05/08) The pager started to spaz just i was coming into Hedge End after completely a frustrating day at work. Spectacled Warbler in Suffolk. Quickly getting on the phone to Ant and Dan and within 30 minutes, was well on our way up the M3 heading in a North-Easterly direction. Time was against us considerably, but had a feeling if we didn't see the bird tonight, then we probably wouldnt see it the next morning. Nothing of late seemed to be sticking aorund long enough to twitch successfully.

Well...unfortunately we arrived just abit too late, around 21:00 where it was a little too dark to say the least. Oh well time to hit the pubs, rayyy!! As we decided to kip the night in the car, just in case, our theory was it would rude not to.

After a few, pints/smirnoffs we were pretty much....ummm....pissed. At least it made sleeping in the car abit more comfortable. Early morning soon came around, and we moved back up to the heath. A Nightingale was singing, like it was last night, a few Dartfords were knocking about. But nothing really to get us excited. Someone claimed hearing it, but nothing came of it.

The only thing that tempted my camera out the rucksack, sorry guys, i know i should ahve taken pics of the pissheads!!(c) Ashley Howe

By 07:30 we were on the road home, i got a bollocking as i had work that morning...oops...and hadn't arranged no-one to cover me..haha

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