Saturday, 31 May 2008

Beachy Head

I was umming and arrring about this one!! The pager mega'd just before i had to go to work...hmmm what to do aye....

i made some calls while i was at work, arranging lifts for the second i had finished, having passing off some in the mean time. 19:00 and i was with Dan and Ant again, bouncing our way along to East Sussex.

We arrived shortly after 20:30 and i got my first flight glimpse of the RIVER WARBLER immediately, followed by te bird singing. Very brief views were obtained of the bird both in flight and in vegetation, which was stalked relentlessly and never given the chance to get up and sing the way it clearly wanted to.

We last heard it sing at 21:45 in near darkness, where the bird was still fairly mobile, (dont worry we stood well back from it to avoid any further disturbance).

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