Sunday, 25 May 2008

Shatterford, New Forest

Yesterday, I finished work at 7, and Dan was waiting at my drive, to quickly pop along to the New Forest. On arrival the 1st Summer Red-footed Falcon was sat on a low branch along side a Hobby. Decent silhouette comparisons were made, before it decided to fly over the road.
Following it across, it was re-located on another sparse pine, at closer range, where it hawked a little, then settling down again to munch on its prize. It then went and landed above some birders head, where he didn't even realised it was there, until he turnt around and the bird flew out. Flying on a big circle over our heads, and then attempting to land in the same place. Got the impression the bird wanted to roost there.

I was quite proud of myself if i do say so myself, i rather like the silhouetted shot against the sunset :D, and the picture below of the Red-footed Falcon shows abit of the orange on the breast. (c) Ashley Howe

So we left it, well alone. Besides we were being eaten alive!

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