Saturday, 24 May 2008

Radipole & Lodmoor RSPB, and Portland Bill

Finally...a tad of luck. Wasn't really expacting much this morning, just happening to be doing a day trip down in the Weymouth area, but when entering the area, a Whiskered Tern came up onto the pager at Radipole, i was rather pleased. This was my second now, and always a pleasure to see, just like the first.

You know what they say about big feet ;-). (c) Ashley Howe

It fed around the Buddleia Loop for a while, coming close at times, but frustratingly hard to photograph and to keep up withit bobbing about all over the place. It then departed down to the visitor centre, where it sat on a perch, at the back. This allowed me to have a few record shots of it. A Cuckoo passed through, and was one of my first spring migrants of the year, since i had come home from America.

Unfortunately these were the best i could muster up, no doubt others got better. (c) Ashley Howe

Round to Lodmoor RSPB, there was no sign of the Spoonbill, but thee was a drake Garganey being rather elusive at times. Over looking Weymouth Bay, 2 Roseate Terns were picked out at range either side of me: one by the stone Weymouth Pier and another along the white cliffs. A Great Northern Diver was also on the sea.
What is it about Radipole and Lodmoor, that make Cetti's Warblers show so well? (c) Ashley Howe

Another scan of Lodmoor revealed the Spoonbill...well just its head above some bushes.

Once having asked a few locals, and then found the place, I was watching a Hoopoe on the Rugby pitch. Not the most obliging of birds, compared to some of the others i have seen in the past, but its one of those birds i like to see annually in Britain.

Has to be up with some of the best of my previous Hoopoe shots, but a record all the same Take a peak here and here. (c) Ashley Howe

Up on Portland things, quietened down a little, with no sign of the Blue-headed Wagtail in the top fields, or the Mealy Redpoll which was typically elusive as expected. Hirundines were plentiful, but my efforts to turn one into a Red-rumper were fruitless.

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