Saturday, 24 May 2008


Uh was abit of a downer, having woken up well before the crack of dawn to catch a train up to Liverpool, to meet Mr. Menzie himself at c09:30. We headed off to Neumann's Flash where the 2 Black-winged Stilts were on show, the male feeding, and the female sat on the nest.

The male of the pair feeding.(c) Ashley Howe

The RSPB were on site, setting up a perimeter fence around the they really are discrete about these things, and just about disturbed everything else. Leaving the Stilts in peace, we headed North to Lytham.

Sadly after hours of searching along a wide stretch of beach, we couldnt find the Ross's Gull....aaaargh, i was pretty cheesed off about this one, as it had been there for yonks, and the one day i decide to come up, its pissed off!!

A few days later it, popped again. SHIT!! and i was incredibly tempted to give it another go....till it was found dead, sod it!

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