Saturday, 31 May 2008

Almondell & Calderwood Country Park

(27/05/08) Since I had to get to Edinburgh to meet Keiran for the Albatross Twitch the only (cheapest and convenient) flights available were around midday. Keiran picked me up from the airport and we went straight for the Red-footed Falcon at the country park just East of Livingston. This is apparantly the 1st twitchable bird for the county.

On arrival, it took abit of walking around before we found the right viaduct....(we went to the wrong entrance duhh) but bloody hell, this is by far my best Red-foot. Showing well from the viaduct, looking down, although in a vegetated tree, rather than the obvious bare deadens that it had been showing even better till Corvids mobbed it.

it's a shame this beast wasn't in one of the dead trees, but still showed very well, appeared comfortable in this area. (c) Ashley Howe

A few drinks at the pub, Fish and Chips...and then dosing in a hostel with ten other random blokes for the night (but for only £12!!) wasn't too bad.

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