Saturday, 31 May 2008

Sula Sgeir

Haha!! i had it really, just decided not to tell anyone ;-) (c) Ashley Howe*

*Please note that this picture was a photo of another photograph from below deck, there i've told you now, so i dont want anybodt being a twat about it!

We arrived at the outcrop 15 minutes late of schedule in thick fog, and i was feeling like death-warmed up. Combined with minor sea sickness (for the first time ever) and minimal sleep over recent days.

A rock covered in shit!! haha but what a place, the outcrop before and after the fog came again (c) Ashley Howe

To cut the long story, short. And as everybody probably knows. We didn't see the Black-browed Albatross. Nor anything else for that matter! Bonxies were plentiful, but much less Arctic behind traulers. Stormie and Manx Shearwaters occasionally...

However birds following the boat at times allowed decent photo oppertunities:

A selection of photographs from the boat, starting from the top: Fulmar (top 2), Kittiwake, Grey Seal, Bonxie, Gannet, Kittiwake (c) Ashley Howe

Back in Ullapool Harbour probably the best bird of the trip was found. An Iceland Gull, probably a second summer, as there seemed to be afew grey adult feathers appearing on the back of this individual.

This Iceland Gull surprisingly brightened up the day (c) Ashley Howe

Continuing to drive South after that, we stopped briefly at a Layby, and immediately had a male Ring Ouzel, a nice addition to the trip list.

No work required at all, just sat there for a split second and could hear it from the car. (c) Ashley Howe

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