Sunday, 25 May 2008

Lodmoor RSPB

(18/05/08) Frustration hit me hard this morning. Another Sunday shift at the Post Office, and the pager going spaz the second i walked through the automatic doors. Little Bittern, Thrush Nightingale, Eastern Oliveacous Warbler, and Red-rumped Swallow all close together. I finished work at 14:00, argued with the family a little, and wa son the road by 15:00.

Arriving mid-afternoon, starting at Lodmoor, catching up with a few mates, for the low down. The Little Bittern hadn't been seen for a while now. While sifting through the plentiful Hirundines (well they were all House Martins), we couldn't pick out a Red-rumper. But a shout put us in the direction of the Little Bittern which shortly after appeared on top of the reeds before flying down river. This was my second within the space of a year. Unfortunately this female wasn't a shad eon the male last year at Titchwell.

You now me, nothing but photos of the highest quality of course!! But yeah, you get the picture - its a female Little Bittern (not a male as reported). (c) Ashley Howe

My Dad left me, and i had arranged to get a lift home with David, who wanted to leave early. Unfortunately we managed to miss the Nightingale and EO Warbler. Bit of a bitch to say the least!

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