Saturday, 3 January 2009

Saltholme, Cleveland

A slow journey North because Mick didn't want to sleep in the car when it was as cold as it was. Taking about 10 hours from Kent at about 50mph...what did I care, I slept throughout....but the intervals I was awake for I saw no more than 3 Barn Owls and a Little Owl at a piss stop.

Arriving just after first light, there were some dodgy claims, which turnt into nothing, a few false alarms, and it looked to be turning into a nightmare. I love it when I get the wrong idea about twitches.

A Gull flying over, had the Evans crew fussing as to whether it was or not, neither could decide what they had seen. While this was happening a man drove up the road, shouting out his window "It's round the back, turn left at roundabout at the bottom".

The Rush was on, having dipped the first Glaucous-winged Gull, there was no messing, I have never seen Lee and Mick move so fast back to the car, reckless driving was the name of the game, over taking by driving down the right-hand side of the road got us there a tad quicker.

On arrival, the GLAUCOUS-WINGED GULL was sat behind the tip, with just a couple of Herrings Gulls, in the ten minutes before the rest of the crew arrived, it was amongst around 100 Gulls and it was mostly obscurred, before eventually giving itself up again to the masses...

Thank God!! Never thought this one would come so quickly...!!

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