Sunday, 4 January 2009

Hampshire Hatches

Another lifer up for grabs, this one just a UK400 tick however. My third of the year, and possibly the hardest so far to get. Not knowing that area of Hampshire well, Emma and myself took a gamble, meeting Lee and Andy (non-birding loser ;-).

Heading in the general direction, we could hear the Geese, trying to navigate around the wooded area and river was subsequently harder. Attempting so flushed several Snipe, Woodcock and an individual Jack Snipe, before finding a 'fairly' safe crossing. Covered in ice, I balanced myway across the bog, only to get three quarters across, and the amusement of the others, falling through, and drenching myself. I wasn't going to be stopped though, and so was rewarded with distant and lucky view of the Tundra Bean Goose. Unfortunately this was only thing we had time for...

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