Friday, 9 January 2009

Bursledon, Petersfield & Gosport

Fridays, I don't usually have many lessons, so I took the oppertunity to meet up with Mr. Fuller and do abit of touring around Hampshire. I had more lessons later that afternoon so we still had to be quick - Lee just bunked the whole day, oh how I wish my attendance wasn't so poor that I could bunk more lessons!

First port of call was Bursledon where Waxwings had recently taken up residency, eventually finding then, we used the car as a car as a hide to get closer. I only had my bins, but used Lee's 30D to get record shots.

Part of the 23 Waxwings which thought they could elude us by feeding somewhere else © Ashley Howe

Secondly, up to Petersfield, where the drake Ring-necked Duck was back at Passfield Pond, missing it the first time of passing because it was behind the island, lead us to find 3 Mandarin (2 drakes) and a Kingfisher. The Ring-necked Duck eventually showed well for us, but photos were shit as the light deteriorated as we headed North.

Heading South and the light improved greatly, Lee told me of this stunning Black Redstart in Gosport that he had recently seen, and so this was where we went next. He wasn't lieing. Possibly the most obliging Redstart I have ever seen, if only I had my own camera today.

How stunning is that? © Ashley Howe

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