Sunday, 25 January 2009

Beaulieu Road Station, Pennington, & Barton-on-sea

I took a well earnt Sunday off from work which allowed Emma and myself to do more glorious birding in Hampshire, well it could have been if it had stopped pissing it down.

A Great Grey Shrike has been reported daily for the last week at Beaulieu Road, though the weather had be considerably weather...typical first sign of bad weather and it had disappeared. Though a wet walk didn't go without a reward, a male Hen Harrier graced us with a fly-by, a Raven croaked overhead, Dartford Warblers were occasional, a Kingfisher was at Bishop's Dyke and a flock of 20 or Lesser Redpolls were in the Birches, and still there was no sign of the Shrike by the time we had got back to the car.

Next stop was Hurst...nothing....Avon Valley, Rock Pipit and Marsh Harrier were added to the year list. A walk along the coast from Keyhaven to Pennington to Normandy added Spotted Redshank, Golden Plover, Bar-tailed Godwit and Slav Grebes being the only birds worth noting...again the Red-breasted Goose managed to elude me, argh!
The sun beginning to set over Oxey Marsh, this time with the tide out © Ashley Howe
The dieing hour of the day was spent at Barton-on-sea where Emma finally got her Owlies (Short-eared Owls to people who aren't mentally challenged) which sat about the Golf Course for 30 minutes before we left.

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