Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nanjizall Valley & Cornwall

Paul Welling as the driver, James Hanlon and Dave ? as passengers picked me up from my house in Hedge End, at 1:45am. Driving down to Cornwall to make sure we arrived just before first light, stopping in various services, none of which open. Yesterdays Empidermix Flycatcher was thought to be Alder or Willow. But how do you tell? apparantly un-seperable even in the hand, although there are some minor differences there is dfinately an overlap between the two.
On arrival, we waited for it to get abit lighter before the field load of people made there way down to Nanjizal Valley. Where we was all alined, it wasn't long before it was picked up with all them eyes.

Showing well, but at range still allowed the crowd to see what was needed (c) Ashley Howe

The bird showed well flicking around ferns and a particular seperated bush at the top. We watched the bird for a few good hours. Where we saw all we could see on the bird. And yes, i agreed with they guys from yesterday, Alder or Willow...probably leaning more towards Alder.

In the time, we departed off to Nanquidno, where reports of a Yellow-throated Vireo seemed bollocks. Then off down to the Lizard where we searched for the Nighthawk. Of course we didn't ecxpect to see it, but hey, youve gotta look for these thing, one day i will get lucky. However a showy Merlin made me happy. In this time, the Flycatcher was trapped and confirmed to be an Alder. Not that i didn't care what it was IDed as, because it was going on my list as Trails regardless.

There something about photographing birds of prey (c) Ashley Howe

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