Tuesday, 14 October 2008

County Galway

Once i had finished work, i made some calls, got myself a lift to Eastleigh train station, where i began to travel North. Tackling the underground with ease, and my timings were smack bang on the knosser!! Arriving at Stanstead airport at around midnight, i then kipped in the airport till 7am where i was allowed to check-in. I accidentally fell a sleep and almost missed my flight, thankfully minutes before i woke, and i dashed to the gates.

Once on the plane it was a doddle, i got to Shannon before schedule, but had to wait another 3 hours before Garry could pick me up enroute to the Little Blue Heron, he was coming from the Tanager in the South, which i really wanted to see, but i wasnt willing to pay £220 for a single flight. Meanwhile i kipped on yet another bench...i think im going to start getting a reputation for sleeping in random places, maybe i should be named the 'tramp birder' or something. So then, a kip, 3 hours and a full stomach after a lovely full irish breakfast later, i was on my way with Garry, John, Vince and Tony to the Heron. It took about 2 hours. Where on arrival the bird was showing amazingly well. We were stood on the pier, and the bird was basically metres away beneath me.

However this wasnt good enough....i went further up the beach to where the light, was better. The bird fished closer and closer towards me. And not stopping. Before long i was within about a metre of the bird fishing. it walked straight passed me, and once it had caught a couple more fish, flew right over the other side of the stretch of water. There was no point in sticking around longer, i wasn't going to get better views. So we headed back to Shannon Airport.

Showing distantly...(c) Ashley Howe

Back to Stanstead before we know it, where we said by to Tony, the rest of us headed South, dropping off Vince around the M25 and myself at Gatwick airport. Where i was stuck for 2 hours before Lee Fuller can and saved me, awww my night in shining armour, at 2 in the morning. At this point i had just turned 18, and what a start to Adulthood ha ha....we got back at myhouse at about 4 in the morning.

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