Saturday, 7 June 2008

Minsmere, Northrepps, & Ely

Another early start, being picked up by Ant, at some ridiculous hour of the morning alongside Dan, meeting Paul on the way in Surrey. Arriving at Minsmere at a slightly more reasonable time. We located the bird on song on approach easily with no further sign after that.

Pissing it down with rain, myself and Dan got bored, and headed off to the hides. LRP, and Little Gulls the only thing to show for it. While we were gone, the bird decided to show itself well but briefly.

Waiting several more hours the bird continued to sing, and just one brief view was had, before we got frustrated and left.

A Bee-eater came on the pager at around midday, and Paul needed, surprised it stuck around we went regardless. On arrival the bird showed very well at range.

My fifth in Britain now, and showed very well as range, catching bees, and regurgitating pellets. © Ashley Howe

Then heading South, stopping at Ely, Cambridgeshire, we successfully twitched the Icterine Warbler which was fairly mobile, but did show well at times. The bird was heard to mimic quail, blackbird, kestrel, sparrow, and goldfinch etc.

The day finished with a hunting Long-eared Owl.

Heading south again, we didn't get home till the early hours, and I was knackered!!

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