Thursday, 19 June 2008

Hurst, nr Twyford

After work this evening i went up to Berkshire, with Ant. We got there in good time, and the bird hadn't been calling for the last couple of hours. On arrival the bird started calling immediately. Ant clapped eyes on it near enough straight away as it flicked up into the air, and straight back down that time i was too busy picking the scab on my arm....great!

Calling every so often, it appeared to becoming closer, with 15 yards or so, we i was buggered if i could see it, some people claim it stuck its head up briefly, while tape lurring seemed to be working fairly well. Still the bird didn't show itself.

We left pretty much at 10pm where the bird was still calling. Walking back to the car we had great views of a Barn Owl hunting near the approach road in fading darkness.

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