Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Lakenheath & Hengistbury Head

Up with the Sparrow's fart this morning, arriving at an undisclosed site for Stone Curlews in East Anglia, which we got easy....
Then off to Lakenheath RSPB, where we picked up 2 Golden Orioles singing in the plantations on our way around the reserve. A drake Garganey flew thru, Bearded Tits, Marsh Harrier. 2 Common Cranes flew by. Being the little tramps Stephen and I are, we kipped on benches which felt like 10 minute, but actually was 2 hours...god knows what passing visitors thought...

2 Common Cranes flying low over the reeds. © Ashley Howe

Then we got bored again and decided to travel South, and by mid-afternoon we were at Hengistbury Head, looking for Serins, but there were no-sign of them. However consellation was recieved o nthe way home when a Honey Buzzard flew low over the Motorway heading North.

This Stonechat showed well East of the rangers' barn where the Serins apparantly were earlier. © Ashley Howe


Stephen Menzie said...

The bird information services are doing such an excellent job of keeping potential breeding birds safe from eggers, photographers and kid listers and then people like you go and jeopardise it all by releasing sensitive news... you make me sick.

Btw, is that a Continental Stonechat?!

Ashley Howe said...

Well the pagers say it was one so it must be ;-)

Just how sick do i make you there anything i can say to make it worse? because to be honest i dont care about the rest of your comments, only agreeing on the eggers part!! BUT GO PHOTOGRAPHERS AND KID LISTERS!! woop woop