Monday, 24 March 2008

Pembrokeshire, Lisvane Reservoir & Burrow Gurney

It was a fairly early start this morning to arrive at Marloes Mere by around mid-morning to strong winds. No hurry or anything! Black Duck - and a female at that with it head under its wing, not exactly the most amusing of birds to watch. There wasn't alot of time spent watching it and we soon decided to depart to the East.

This Black Duck appears to have paired up with a Drake Mallard, don't let the sun confuse you! It was actually terrible weather. (c) Ashley Howe

Haverfordwest was our next stop, where again we were successful, the wintering Rose-coloured Starling was elusive at first but soon came out to play. The male continued to sing at close range, not in the most convenient of places behind a caravan in private gardens, with dogs barking throughout. Needed to good old boot if you ask me!!

Whatta Corker!! Singing in the hedge in someones back garden, i wouldnt mind that on garden list. (c) Ashley Howe

Again moving further East, we stopped at Lisvane Reservoir, where we didn't expect to locate the Spotted Sandpiper. Where it hadn't been reported there for a good few days now. We gave it ago all the same. Things were looking doubtful where the bird could literally be anywhere on the fenced off reservoir Llanishen. After completing a whole circuit of both reserviors, i managed to find it, near enough beneath my feet, feeding on the bank. The bird, by this time was beginning to come into summer plumage with a few spots appearing around its arse.

Not the easiest of birds to photograph, never keeping still for any length of time. But you can see the spotting around the bum, before it decided to run across infront of me (bottom). (c) Ashley Howe

Further East, again and i was hoping the Franklin's Gull would make another appearance around Keynsham. Sadly it didn't, but a drake Lesser Scaup had been found at Burrow Gurney, it would have been rude not to have a look as it was on the route home. And before long was watching the bird, if not at abit of range in the centre of the reservoir.

This drake Lesser Scaup was amongst a group of Tufted Duck, presumably an individual that has also been visiting Chew and Blagdon Lakes. (c) Ashley Howe

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