Sunday, 2 March 2008

Broadsands & Northam Burrows

Yesterday was spent entirely in Devon, though the pager wasn't as active as we had hoped with news concerning birds like the King Eider and Surf Scoter.

However got to Broadsands, fairly early on with a summer plumaged Black-necked Grebe in the Bay. Soon followed with a count of 10 plus Cirl Buntings feeding on seed in the second car park. We watched the birds for a good while, till they dwindled down to none and had moved off to somewhere else. Reed Bunting and Chaffinch fed amongst but Dunnocks were everywhere!

After we ended up in Dartmoor half-heartedly looking around for a Yellow-browed Warbler and Firecrest. News was still very slow and it wasn't till about 11:30 when the 1st winter drake King Eider was reported. As nothing much else was happening we went for it.

On arrival things weren't looking particuarly healthy, no sign from anybody since the time it was first reported, searches along both rivers had drawn blank. Although the Cirl Buntings in the morning were lovely, we were hardly enjoying the day. Till the bird finding beast, most of you might know him best as Dan, picked it up way out on the sea from Appledore.

Going round to The Skern, it was confirmed, showing so much closer at the river mouth, in considerably dull weather. This was the last thing we saw before heading home again.

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