Wednesday, 20 February 2008


A late start by my standards on Sunday, but got to Marton Mere at about 09:00, 4 Whooper Swans were about the only thing of note we had, the Long-eared Owls weren't in their usual roosting place, so we moved on.

One of four Whoopers, originally we thought this bird was stuck in the ice, but seemed ok in the end (c) Ashley Howe

The Glossy Ibis at Waltham was distant, exactly the same as last year when i saw it, and in the exact area. 2 Bewick's Swan were amongst 75 Whoopers, Merlin and Water Pipit were picked out.

The ibis rather distantly amongst Shelduck looking into strong light (c) Stephen Menzie

Crossing the border into Merseyside, Dipping again at Marshside for the Green-winged Teal, but Peregrine over, and a dodgy Pipit: Please look at the Pictures on Menzies site, and will be appreciated to know your thoughts, Thanks!

Common Snipe showing very well to the hide, top (c) Ashley Howe, bottom (c) Stephen Menzie... you should have seem him, like a kid with a new toy ;-)

Not far away, we went and flushed a Jack Snipe with several Snipes before, scaring the shit out of me as it flew out from underneath my feet.

Scanning the Plex Moss revealed no, Corn Buntings, but two Grey Partridge where only the top of their heads were visible. Clearly we weren't having a brilliant day, dipping the majority of things.

Finishing the day (successfully) with 2 Little Owls at an undisclosed site shhhhhh which showed well.

A Little Owl roosting in an old Barn at an undisclosed site, (c) Ashley Howe, while another flew across the road and landed in a tree (c) Stephen Menzie

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