Thursday, 21 February 2008

Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire...all over again

An even later start...and it was really killing me today, being so restless!!

But we got to Marton Mere....again, for the Long-eared Owls, the Whooper Swans were there again with Water Rail. Turns out the Owls were roosting in a different place, but we found it and a few others looking. 2 were roosting together. While Mr. Menzie was reporting the news, I spotted a Bittern flying over the reeds, we went into the hide, finding it easily. Then another....and another. Eventually 3 all together within a few metres of each other!

The cheeky buggered nicked my camera for this one, walking Whooper (c) Stephen Menzie, two roosting LEOs (c) Ashley Howe, single LEO (c) Stephen Menzie, 2 Bitterns together and a third walking along the reed fringes (c) Ashley Howe

Crossing the border again (Stephen wanted me to make this clear, that we were in MERSEYSIDE at this point) the drake Green-winged Teal showed very well infront of the hide, shoving its arse in the air for us as well.

Drake Green-winged Teal (top)(c) Ashley Howe, more Green-winged Teal sat and with arse in the air, can be compared with Eurasian Teal (drake) upturned showing differences (c) Stephen Menzie, bottom drake Teal, Wigeon and Shoveler (c) Ashley Howe

Back into lancashire, with Merlin and Corn Buntings on Plex Moss showing nicely, rayyyy we were doing well today.

Top two Merlin (c) Ashley Howe, bottom two Corn Buntings (c) Stephen Menzie

Further South into Cheshire, at Moore NR there weren't many Gulls or anything else for that matter, but the Tawny Owls were a dead sert, so we went and got them.

Two Tawny Owls in roost this afternoon in their usual place (c) Stephen Menzie

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