Sunday, 8 February 2009

Fawley & Keyhaven Marshes

I can't believe I dipped it again. The Red-crested Pochard was reported 30 minutes before I got there, yet no sign on arrival at Badminston Gravel Pit, neither on any of the nearby lakes.

I was about to leave the area to move onto Keyhaven, when I had a hunch to go back to Badminston and view the pig field from a different angle. And what a relief!! There sat in a big puddle amongst Gulls was the Red-crested Pochard, yaaayyyy, about bloody time! I enjoyed watching the bird for about 2 minutes before it realised I was there, as did the Gulls, all of which made a quick get away after.

Well, there wasn't much point in sticking around any longer, ideas of visiting Beaulieu Road Station for the Great Grey Shrike were scrapped - maybe next week. So I headed in the direction of Keyhaven with Emma - god her list is improving quickly! Parking at Fishtail Lagoon we walked up towards the Avon Floods, with nothing really worth noting. However on coming back a Barn Owl flew out from the Avon Floods, and a flock of Linnets near Iley Point revealed the Twite, the second county tick of the day. The last 30 minutes of light were spent with the Barn Owl hunting in fairly windy conditions.


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