Sunday, 14 December 2008

Bordon, and Fareham

Convincing, both, work that I needed to finish work at midday, and then Emma (the gf) that we should go to Bordon followed by Fareham was the plan for this afternoon. Leaving an hour later than expected, because women can never get anywhere on time, meant that I was now in more of a rush against the light.

Immediately finding the 1st winter drake Ring-necked Duck at Passfield Pond, showing well under bad light, which meant I did not even attempt to photograph the bird. Leaving within 10 minutes, heading back South. I met up with Dan Houghton where the weather continued to worsen, the Firecrest which always seems to have its tongue out was soon picked out in a very limited tit flock of no more than 20 birds.

Time was pushing on further, and it was looking doubtful that the Yellow-browed Warbler was going to make an appearance. But on heading back to the car the bird appeared beside one of the lakes, showing well before continuing on its circuit of the two lakes there.

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