Sunday, 9 November 2008

Horse Shoe Point, Saltfleet, and Reighton Sands

Travelling up with Dan and Ant, the first time since the Thrush Nightingale during the spring. And another very successful twitch. Arriving at Horse Shoe Point, just before first light, we walked the lengthy distance down to the bale fields where the Steppe Grey Shrike was yesterday. No sign by scanning, but walking around to the broken line of bushes revealed the bird coming out of roost right infront of us. Already showing well on top of Hawthorn the bird then flew down on to the track to feed. Where it picked on Worms avoiding drowning in the soaked soil. I approached the bird, but gave it some distance as not to flush the bird. However once i had settled and sat in the mud. The bird gradually approached me coming within a metre from me. An unbelievable moment!!

The Shrike showing down to a ridiculous distance, simply amazing (c) Ashley Howe

Taking the 30 minute walk back to the car park. A group of Redpolls, could have possibly held an Arctic Redpoll. But to me there only seemed to be Mealy's. Then to Saltfleet, where yesterdays Desert Wheatear was also still there. On the beach it showed very well. Another bird which seemed to approach the crowds, rather than the crowds hounding the bird. Like what seemed to be happening at the Pied Wheatear.

Yet another bird today, that showed very well. 1st winter female Desert Wheatear (c) Ashley Howe

At Reighton Sands the Pied Wheatear showed well settled in the long grass around the base of a bush. However the large crowds soon flushed it, as it was chased over the edge of the cliff. We left the bird as it made its way right down to the bottom. Not knowing whether it ever come back up again. And was surprised to found out it was still there the day after, after looking very knackered.

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Visited your blog a few times now, realy great photos etc and I'm rather gripped off with all the birds you've seen!
I will add your blog to my links
Josh J Shaw