Monday, 21 January 2008

Cley, Salthouse, Cromer, Sheringham, Langham, Cantley & Stubb Mill

My 3rd visit to Norfolk in less than 2 weeks, with the same set of birds and more. Setting off around 2 in the morning again, im really missing my lay-ins!!! With Dan, Mr. Bagnell and John Lees, Barn Owl in Cley village, followed quickly by the appearance of the Sparrow again up the drive way, exactly the same time as last Saturday. This time staying out in the open for a good 3 or 4 minutes before popping back up onto the edge of the bush. Great scope views of the little gem.

Then to Salthouse where the flock of Snow Bunts showed well again. A Lapland Bunting flew over calling but could not be relocated. Another Barn Owl was there, 3 Red-throated Diver passed East, and two Common Scoter in the other direction.

To Cromer where the Waxwing had just disappeared, but after 15 minutes or so came backand showed well. While watching the bird. Reports of a probable adult Slender-billed Gull at Sheringham came through. Dont worry we didn't stick around long and within 15 minutes were on sight. No sign, so gave others the chance to find it and went for the Snow Goose.

A couple of shots after 15-20 minutes of waiting, I couldn't be arsed to get my camera out of the car,so let Dan have the privilege (c) Dan Houghton

On route we found a flock of Brents looking towards Sheringham Hall, Dan quickly picked out a Black Brant. Followed by a 1st winter Pale-bellied Brent.

Eventually finding the fields near Langham for the Lesser Snow Goose, from the car we could see a white blob.....amongst a billion pink-feet and 3 Barnacles flew over North.

Back to Salthouse where the Lapland Bunt showed better for Gary and John, while Dan and I just tried to find something else of interest. Never giving up on finding that BB! Driving south-east to Cantley where form the railway we could see c20 Taiga Beans and c40 White-fronted. I can't remember how many now...serves me right for not taking notes! 10 minutes and we were off Stubb Mill, on approach were 22 Bewick's Swans in a field, Yellowhammers by a seeded driveway to a Farm.

At Stubb Mill a couple of Barn Owls hunted sucessfully, good numbers of Marsh Harrier and a ringtail Hen Harrier flew through. Eventually 2 Cranes flew through as well giving a spectacular view! Leaving after Dan and I got back in the mighty Hampshire just before 10.

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