Friday, 16 November 2007

Lakeside Country Park, Eastleigh

As college is only one or two miles away from this place, I thought I had might as well have a look at this Slav Grebe as I had a half day anyways. Eventually I got there, saw it straight away. But immediately disappeared. I searched a while, eventually relocating the bird in the reeds, on the main lake aobut 5 foot away. I new I wanted my camera, so ran another mile or so to get the first bus home. Getting home at about 2, collecting my camera going back, quickly photographing the bird, getting some decent record shots and leaving again, all before work at 3. Which believe me was a major rush!

Various shots of the Slavonian Grebe showing well and down to just a few metres occasionally and Common and Black-headed Gull on the sailing lake. (c) Ashley Howe.

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