Sunday, 9 September 2007

Farlington Marshes

Having watched my younger brother play football around midday in Surrey... we had the late afternoon spare. So Farlington with a few decent birds present had the chance to make my weekend complete!! (the third time visiting in a week).

It did not fail to deliver the goods. With a Temminck's Stint feeding along the mud on the stream opposite the visitor centre. The tiny bird was occasionally seen through the tall grass, but at the range good record shots were difficult.

Temminck's Stint feeding along the mud, but unapproachable hence poor record shots. My second of the year. (c) Ashley Howe

Gradually making my way round to the main lagoon, scanning for birds of prey and more waders (Green Sandpiper only bird of note) as I went. A few birders had gathered either looking for the Spotted Crake which hadn't been seen since half 10 this morning or observing birds on the lagoon which included Curlew Sandpiper.

I was just settling down to scan the reedy fringes, when the Spotted Crake made its first appearance. And over a 10 minute period showed well on and off in the reedy ditch before the main lagoon.

My third attempt for this little bugger!! But eventually it showed itself in the best place possible with cracking views. Well worth the journey today. (c) Ashley Howe