Monday, 27 August 2007


Arriving mid-morning at Blakeney, my Dad, brother and myself walked the length of Blakeney for 2 Greenish Warblers in the plantation. They showed well most of the time as did a photographic friendly Spotted Flycatcher. Wheatear, Whinchat and Yellow Wagtail were seen reguarly.

One of the Greenish Warblers in the plantation, showy birds but hard to photograph because of the speed they move about, this was the best I managed. (c) Ashley Howe

Walking back along the shingle revealed no sign of the reported Barred Warbler at 'The Hood' but a third Greenish Warbler was glimpsed there and a Pied Flycatcher on offer.

A very showy Spotted Flycatcher feeding around the plantation and coming to our feet for grub. (c) Ashley Howe

Back at Cley the juvenile Red-backed Shrike was showing amazingly well along the Beach Road and allowed visitors to get within a few metres of its favoured perch.

A few pictures of the Red-backed Shrike at Cley, showing well throughout and once flew down to my feet for a Bee (c) Ashley Howe

A drive down to Horsey resulted in a brief view of a warbler not far north of the Gap, where it was possibly a Barred Warbler. Closer inspection of the shrubs resulted in no re-appearance however Hirundines were plentiful.

Sand Martin and Swallow were both plentiful around Horsey Gap (c) Ashley Howe

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