Thursday, 24 May 2007

Needs Ore

Last night Lee and I caught a lift with Simon and Joe Ingram and another of his mates; Kelvin Pierce. Luckily for us, Lee had just re-newed his family permit for this private location. It didn't take long to find what we were looking for - Temminck's Stint. A stunning bird feeding on the side of the water. Too busy to realise that Lee and I were approaching with cameras and eventually were wathing it feed away 20 feet away. A Hobby was seen with prey as it flew over the road on the way there and 2 Avocets were feedingin the same area as the Stint. For more pictures.

Temminsk's Stint down to less than 20 feet from us this evening. Showing amazingly well. (c) Ashley Howe For more pictures

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