Sunday, 4 February 2007

Farnham - Bingley - Farndon - Hoveringham

An all round successfull day. At first light we connected with the Pacific Diver at Farnham sailing lake like most other birders this weekend did. It showed at range and refused to come any closer than 100 yards.
The juvenile Pacific Diver at Farnham GPs representing the first for the Western Palearctic. (c) Ashley Howe. More photos

Secondly, the American Robin at Bingley. At first was elusive until about midday it decided to show itself to the crowds. Eventually it did show well for all to see.

1st winter American Robin after it had been elusive all morning and by midday, decided to show itself. (c) Ashley Howe. More photos

Because of traffic around Bradford and Leeds, it took us 2 hours to get back onto the A1(M) and the light was beginning to run out. We managed to get to Nottingham with an hour of light remaining, where the Waxwing occasionally showed distantly for most of the time. Until it came to Rowan Berries in a front garden. It too, eventually showed amazingly.

A wary individual Waxwing occasionally coming to Rowan Berries in the late afternoon. (c) Ashley Howe. More photos

Hoveringham Gravel Pits was right around the corner, so of course we gave the American Wigeon a try. Light was fading quickly and we had about 15 minutes to locate the bird at range. Thankfully Lee did.

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